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Written in 2009, originally in Russian. Re-written in April 2013, recorded in spring 2014.


In a far-faraway land
There is a quiet plateau
The afternoon haze is scattered
Just like by someone's hand

My home is my castle
With the dungeon where I am
We're sitting here
And we don't know what here is worth to be seen

But the clouds are flowing oh so peaceful and still
I don't want anything except to not to be here
Give me one-way ticket and let me out!

I am needless for here, I am needless for there
I am needless for Heaven or any Hell
But it is better be needless for someone not here

In a far-faraway land
There are trees stretched to the sun
The vinyl smell, the people smile
Carelessly and happily

All that we have
Is a killing nostalgia
That drowns in sorrow
Our past and remaining years

Take me away!
In another land, another time
A foreign place for us

I'll take you
And leave my home to the wolves
To the hungry wolves

Some say I am too young
But I know what I see
Some say I am a traitor
But I know that I betray

And the clouds are floating oh so still
I don't want anything except to not to be here
Burn it by fire! I wash my hands

I am needless for there, I am needless for here
To not giving a sight I wish to disappear
Gudbai, mai fazerlend! It's just my instinct
To survive...


from Demo [unfinished], released March 13, 2016
Bloody Paul - writing, arrangement, performance




Nurse Party Ryazan, Russia

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