Demo [unfinished]

by Nurse Party

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It was supposed to be the first point in the discography of gothic-oriented band called "Nurse Party" from Ryazan, Russia...


released March 13, 2016

Bloody Paul - writing, arrangement, performance, etc.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Nurse Party Ryazan, Russia

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Track Name: Stay Alone
Leaving all reproaches
Forgetting their instructions
I'm acting for the stranger's sake
My life keeps burning being blazed by astray

Since you've get order
From an unknown saint
How long will you wait this grace
From the will to what has not been changed?

The door has been shut
But my house is not kind of vault
I'm not getting a hurry to step
For escape

There is no place neither out nor in
There is no trouble in my deepest sin
All these thoughts are quite incoming
But you never can leave

And nobody away
They all want to live
No, nobody will go away
They just cannot though don't want to stay

I would like to help
But now I'm so bored by you
Now gone by yourself, my ex-lady lane
My phylaxis to the active actions
Grows stronger day by day

The door has been shut
But my house is not kind of vault
I'm not getting a hurry to step
For escape

I can sort it all out
I can make it all right
When I stay alone
For at least one night

When all these people are quite outgoing
But you never can leave
Track Name: Parricide
In a far-faraway land
There is a quiet plateau
The afternoon haze is scattered
Just like by someone's hand

My home is my castle
With the dungeon where I am
We're sitting here
And we don't know what here is worth to be seen

But the clouds are flowing oh so peaceful and still
I don't want anything except to not to be here
Give me one-way ticket and let me out!

I am needless for here, I am needless for there
I am needless for Heaven or any Hell
But it is better be needless for someone not here

In a far-faraway land
There are trees stretched to the sun
The vinyl smell, the people smile
Carelessly and happily

All that we have
Is a killing nostalgia
That drowns in sorrow
Our past and remaining years

Take me away!
In another land, another time
A foreign place for us

I'll take you
And leave my home to the wolves
To the hungry wolves

Some say I am too young
But I know what I see
Some say I am a traitor
But I know that I betray

And the clouds are floating oh so still
I don't want anything except to not to be here
Burn it by fire! I wash my hands

I am needless for there, I am needless for here
To not giving a sight I wish to disappear
Gudbai, mai fazerlend! It's just my instinct
To survive...
Track Name: Gene Pool
You say you have a future and want to live
A soul with nothing wearing poisoned sleeve
I don't want to stay on your path
But any time won't pacify my wrath

Nobody gave me the right!
Nobody take that I might!

Marching freaks on the dirty squares
The guns are loaded, but no one cares
A healthy future and flowers in bloom
An ugly germ in alcoholic womb

Nobody gave you the right
To spread out your filth and call it light!

Chlorine gene pool
Chlorine gene pool

Such a wonderful pleasure to destroy yourself
They've made for you the special yummy cells
Care about her and her fertility
That will lead the nation to its invincibility

No need to kill and lie
We success[fooly] die

The seconds could not stand this strain
You're going to repeat all again...

This conviction that the fish rots from the head
"You can't break this circle!", someone's said
The windmills you gonna fight
Justification of a tail, demand creates supply

Get down and do not move!
Be all that they approve!

There is only your blame, it's all that you have delt
A sooty shatter of soul in a rotten pelt
That's my brighter future from this point of view
You ensure an extinction for those like you!

Accuse the system hiding shame
To push it forward it's you to blame

Chlorine gene pool
Chlorine gene pool
Track Name: Ashes to Ashes
Life - I percieve it in myself
Pain - the unbearable burden of coming days
Those hands are creating for the main desire
The words of desperate existence despite
Of you

My destiny
My destiny
My destiny
Stillborns new me

Flowing of the last days I can't realize
Sell me that I give you for a lesser price
Will - I realize it is absent in me
Farewell - you have got me for free

My destiny
My destiny
My destiny
Stillborns new me

You're not able to feel these finest moments
Nobody decries of your ambitions
Red lines on white is my only atonement
Obsession is fatal as it seems delicious

Understand me, my love
Rape me, my pain
Burn me, my love
Dispel me, my pain

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust